Monday, May 25, 2009

Tips to Lose Weight

Weight loss is probably the most popular fitness topic for most. Why? haha coz most people are struggling to stop or reverse their gradual weight gain. Following are some more tips for you.

1.Jangan skip meals.Ramai ingat bahawa anda perlu skip meals seperti elakkan sarapan pagi dan melaparkan diri untuk kurang berat badan. Ini salah. Dengan cara ini anda hanya berjaya menurunkan metabolisma badan. Panduan Terbaik?Makan 5-7 hidangan sederhana sehari dan kurang makan/minum 2-3 jam sebelum tidur.

2. Kawal nafsu makan….once nafsu is there memang susah untuk membuat pilihan makanan yang baik. Again di sinilah anda perlu makan 5-7 kali sehari untuk mengawal nafsu makan anda.

3. Tingkatkan tahap keaktifan anda…tak semestinya dengan jogging atau bersenam di gym. Yang penting anda tingkatkan aktiviti physical untuk bakar lebih calorie, seperti Park kereta anda lebih jauh daripada destinasi anda.Jangan guna lif…use the stairs .Bersihkan rumah anda.

4. Ketahui keperluan kalori anda. Ini penting dan jika anda rajin, bandingkan keperluan kalorie dengan pemakanan kalorie seharian anda.

5. Eliminate makanan yang 1. tidak elok dan 2. tidak perlu. Kekadang kita ambil makan/minuman yang actually kita tak perlukan sangat pun….just because its there, doesn’t mean we have to eat or drink them

6. Diet pills? Yes they work tetapi tidak jika anda tidak gabungkan penggunaannya dengan makanan yang terkawal…..

7. Tak pandai kawal nafsu makan? Belilah protein shakes dan makannya di antara hidangan due kali sehari..1. antara sarapan dan lunch…2. antara lunch dan makan malam

8. Knowledge. Trust me, without proper understanding of how weight gain or weight loss happens, you can’t take control! Yes its all about taking control of your health, fitness and weight. How are you supposed to take control of your health, job or even life if you dont have the proper know-how. Its not as difficult as you think it is but do learn. Don’t just blindly follow people what others or the government tells you to do.

9. Realistic Goal Setting. Weight gain is typically a slow process. People may gain 10kg over 10 years. Problem is that most people wanna then lose all that weight in 10 weeks. Thats just not realistic. Especially you are not equipped with the know-how to lose the weight. My advice? Start with a realistic goal. Maybe aim for 1kg in a month and based on that success, set new goals. Dont think about 10 weeks or 10 months. Think about a lifetime.

10.Need Exercise?. Yes or no? haha. If you had the proper know-how, this is an easy one. Yes you can lose weight without ever doing a single exercise. Weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit. Sure its easier with exercise but with a decent diet, you can lose weight without exercising.

11.Cardio or weight training? If you do wanna lose weight by combining exercise into your plans, both cardio and weight training are important. Cardio helps you burn extra calories while weight training ensure that you dont end of kurus kering ;)

12.Which is the best diet? I blogged about this recently - “What is the Best Diet”. You can choose any diet you like! My advice is that you 1. Choose a diet that you can sustain over a lifetime and 2. that you know why you have chosen a particular diet.

13.Malaysian diet sesuai? Yeah no problem. I personally maintain a very Malaysian diet. Its not the fault of the mamaks or the Malaysian foods. Its the fault of the choice we make. You dont have to choose nasi lemak every time you hit the mamak. Its about choices and striking a balance between good and bad choices. But again, you got to have the know-how to distinguish between good and bad choices.

14.Do supplements help? Yup they do but the keyword here is HELP. They dont work wonders. Dont be fooled by the before/after pictures. Understand that every supplement serves a purpose. Understand the ingredients and how you can incorporate these into your lifestyle. Remember - its nutrition and exercise first. Supplements come 3rd. Every supplement manufacturer will tell you the same (if you read the fine print)

15.Is there a secret to weight loss? Nope. Sorry to disappoint but there is no secret or shortcut to weight loss. Its all about the basics and taking control. Sure you can enroll in personal training sessions or slimming products but end of the day, educate yourself and look for long term solutions.

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