Sunday, May 31, 2009

My 30-minute Fitness Playlist

Workout with Music.. Best giler!

My current playlist for Cardio or anything that i call a......w.o.r.k.o.u.t

My 30-minute playlist + 2 minutes Cooling Down

No Boundaries - Kris Allen (3;30)
What You Got - Colby O Donnis (4.06)
My Life Would Suck - Kelly Clarkson (3:31)
Boom Boom Pow - Black Eye Peas (4:14)
Mad - Neyo (4:14)
Beautiful - Akon (3:57)
Rehab - Rihanna (4.53)
Heartless - Kris Allen (4:02)

Total 32:29

How about yours?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Listen To Your Body - POLAR Watch

POLAR WATCH - Bg aullea this is not Product of the day. tapi product of the year..! mmg best giler. Produk dari US yang boleh monitor heart rate,calories burned, aerobic/fitness test,speed & distance,strength training guidance,own zone ect. wow.. skrg makin canggih gadjet utk fitness. brand Polar ni yg mmg popular di US. mmg x ramai lg yg tahu wujudnya jam yg canggih camnie.. mmg menarik sangat. 10x ganda best dari pedometer tau... aullea tgk sendiri kat Athlete's Circle,PJ. Tapi x semua model ada..very limited. kalau nak kena order..
"Maximize your workout with a Polar training computer"
Review sikit yer..

Full Features
For disappearing calories
For you who want to get a fitter body by knowing how many calories you have burned. The small and simple F4 gives you accurate information and motivates you to reach your targets.
See how many calories you have burned
Get interference-free data with coded heart rate transmission
Helps you keep the intensity you want

Available designs
Red berry


Full Features

Basic features
Automatic age-based target zone (% / bpm) - %/bpm
Backlight - w/o backlight in the North and South America
Graphical target zone indicator
Heart rate (displayed as % of maximum heart rate)
Heart rate (displayed as bpm)
HeartTouch™, button-free operation of wrist unit
Manual target zone (% / bpm) - %/bpm
Visual and audible alarm in target zones
Water resistant - 50m

Computer connectivity
Edit wrist unit settings with Polar UpLink Tool and transfer them to your Polar product (UpLink)

Cycling features
Bike mount - opt.

Data transfer
UpLink (PC with a sound card and headphones/dynamic loudspeakers required)

Language features
Display text in English

Polar exercise features
Average heart rate of total exercise
Exercise Date
Fitness Bullets (á 10 minutes in target zone)
HR-based target zones with audible alarm
HR-based target zones with visual alarm
Polar OwnCal®
Polar OwnCode® (5kHz) - non-coded in the North and South America
Wireless ECG accurate heart rate

Recording features
Average heart rate
Calorie expenditure -
Exercise Time (total) - total
Maximum heart rate
Number of exercise files (with summaries) - 1
Target zone limits
Time in target zone

Transmitter belt
Polar T31 coded™ transmitter - incl. in product set in other countries
Polar T31 transmitter - incl. in product set in the North and South America
Polar WearLink® 31 coded transmitter (changeable battery) - compatible

Watch features
Date and weekday indicator
Low battery indicator
Time of day (12/24h) with alarm


aullea nak share sikit pasal 'hit plateau' ni & rasanya dah tahu kan apa itu plateau.. cthnya berat mcm x gerak2 dlm tempoh yg lama.. sedangkan diet & workout kita buat selari, maybe anda sedang 'on plateau'. aullea pernah 'on plateau' tp x lama ada dlm masa 3-4 hari. kalau dah nak sampai ideal weight mungkin jgkamasa plateau panjang. so jgn la risau kalau berat statik je.. jom baca nie dari artikel exercise.about

Almost everyone reaches a weight loss plateau at some point. As your body adapts to your workouts, it becomes more efficient at it and, therefore, doesn't expend as many calories doing it. You may find that after your initial weight loss, your progress will slow down and eventually stop.

Some common reasons for plateaus include:

1. Doing the same workouts over and over. Your body needs to be challenged to progress, so make sure you're changing some part of your program every 4-6 weeks.

2. Not eating enough calories. If your body doesn't have enough fuel to sustain your level of activity, you can actually stop losing weight.

3. Overtraining. If you exercise too much, the body sometimes responds by decreasing the amount of calories you burn during the rest of your day.

Learn more about whether you've hit a plateau by keeping an exercise calendar and tracking your workouts, how often you change them and whether you're working too hard or need to boost your intensity


The reason is that the human body works hard to keep energy intake and output in balance. In other words, your body does not like to lose weight (not a revelation, huh?). After your initial weight loss, your progress will slow down and eventually stop even though your exercise and food intake is consistent. The bottom line is that the very efforts you make to burn more calories may eventually slow it down.

Problem 1. Lowering your calories too much Fact: It takes calories to burn calories. When you decrease your food intake, your body simply lowers its metabolic rate in response. This still allows the body to function properly, but ultimately your body requires fewer calories which creates hunger and prevents you from losing fat.
Solution: Keep your calories slightly below your maintenance calories so that your energy and metabolism remain high. A deficit greater than 500-700 calories makes it much more difficult to maintain your lean body mass.

Problem 2. Loss of lean body mass Fact: Muscle burns fat and losing muscle means burning fewer calories. Lean body mass uses five times the calories as fat mass so, if you lose it, your metabolism drops and your weight loss stops.
Solution: Make sure your exercise program is combined with a fully nourished body. You can accomplish this with a diet that creates a safe calorie deficit along with some type of multivitamin to help with any nutrient deficiencies.

Problem 3. Weight loss What? But you thought that's what you wanted! However, what you may have forgotten is that when you weigh less, it takes less calories to move your body. A loss of any amount of weight will lead to a reduced energy requirement.
Solution: Make sure you start (or continue) a
weight training program to help increase lean body mass, which can help compensate for the loss of calories.

Problem 4. The 'Adaptation' Phase Ends When you start a new exercise program, your body responds because it is required to make numerous changes to adjust to different workloads. So, your muscles are rebuilding themselves and this consumes all kinds of calories. But, at some point your body will stop adapting to the new workload and, as a result, you burn less calories for the same activities.
Solution: Don't let your body get used to the exercise. Maintain your body's adaptation period by
changing the intensity, duration, frequency and/or the mode of exercise and include interval training if necessary.

Problem 5: Exercise Efficiency The more you do something, the better you get at it. As your body becomes better at performing your exercises, it can actually use fewer calories during the exercise. Think of it this way: trained athletes often use fewer calories than untrained athletes with similar body types and workouts. So, if this describes where you are, consider yourself a trained athlete and read on!
Solution: The solution to this is the same as for Problem 4; don't get used to the exercise. Concentrate on more dramatic changes such as trying brand new activities. For example, if you use the treadmill for two weeks, switch to something different like the rowing machine or the bike. Don't forget to make changes in your
weight training routine as well!
Problem 6: Over-training Just like not eating enough can lower the amount calories you burn, so can over-training. When you exercise too much, there is a point of diminishing returns when an increase in exercise energy expenditure is negated by an equal decrease in non-exercise energy expenditure. In other words, when you increase your exercise intensity, your body responds by decreasing the amount of calories you burn during the rest of your day.
Solution: Take time to recover. If you reach exercise burnout, this is a great time to take a break for a few days, or try something gentle like yoga or a stretching routine. After you've rested, get back to exercise but lighten up your original routine and increase your intensity only as necessary.

7. Enhanced Physical Condition As you get into better shape, your body is more efficient and it costs fewer calories to operate. Improved health means a lower resting metabolic rate and fewer calories are burned during normal daily activities. Part of this is because your cardio-pulmonary system is more efficient now and you have a lower resting heart rate.
Solution: Congratulations! You're officially in shape and healthy. Focus on that and feel good about yourself. Concentrate on changing your routine as described in Solution 5.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Reebok Pedometer

Hehe today jenjalan kat kedai SFS subang jaya dgn hby ternampak 1 produk menarik.. jenama REEBOK. apalagi kalau bukan PEDOMETER. mmg menarik.jgn lepaskan peluang..sambar!ha ha..lepas ni kena la selalu berjalan ni.. nak kena 10,000 steps sehari barulah fit & firm..

- Step Counter
- Weight input for accurate colories count
- Stride input to accurate track distance
- Flashlight
- LCD Clock
- Belt Clip


Penting... anda nak lose weight ke nak lose fat. lose weight maybe anda berat air, muscle, yg penting aullea nak lose fat. yeahaaa..!

Utk fat-loss workout plan,anda memerlukan :-

Senaman cardio (30%)

Aerobic (15%)

Weight Lifting (55%)

so that's mean weight lifting adalah kunci utama utk fat-loss plan..however, orang lelaki lebih mudah mendapat hasil utk fat-loss plan berbanding kaum wanita yg perlu bekerja keras untuk menghilangkan lemak..ini kerana otot lelaki lebih mudah terbentuk berbanding wanita.

Tips : makan banyak protein dan kurangkan karbohidrat.

This is the basic :

Lemak + weight lifting = muscle gain, fat burning and fat will transform to muscle

Cardio + aerobic = to firm, restructure and repair muscle & burn fat

Teknik terbaik menimbang berat

1. Timbang berat anda dengan berpakaian lengkap selepas anda makan malam dan timbang semula pada awal pagi keesokan hari tanpa berpakaian dan sebelum makan pagi. Anda pasti akan merasa gembira apabila mendapati berat badan anda telah berkurangan dalam tempoh semalaman..

(actually, ni antara petua aullea amalkan selama ni. so far mmg berkesan. kalau naik sikit x de la kecewa sangat mcm sesetengah org cakap & lebih selamat daripada kecewa berat naik setelah sekian lama menunggu - cth: bagi yg timbang seminggu sekali, sebulan sekali... more over boleh buat graf..bila dah ada graf, boleh buat post mortem atau analisis kenapa turun kenapa naik.. siapa lagi nak kenal badan sendiri kalau bukan diri anda sendiri? hehe ajaran sesat.. scale maniac, ok ok sebenarnya x digalakkan timbang hari-hari ni yer)

2. Jangan sesekali menimbang berat badan dengan rambut yang basah. (so, pepagi lepas membuang tu la waktu yg sesuai then barula minum air masak & mandi)

3. Semasa menimbang, tanggalkan segala pakaian, termasuklah cermin mata. Jangan lupa untuk menanggalkan barang kemas terutamanya yang diperbuat daripada logam. (Lebih baik letak timbang di sebelah toilet, so boleh la pakai bikini je masa timbang ek..haha)

4. Belilah penimbang yang murah. Penimbang yang mahal sangat tepat dan akan menyebabkan anda merasa lebih tertekan. (skrg guna timbang cosway digital,timbang sulong dah arwah, mana tak nya,hari-hari pijak..2 tahun jugak berkhidmat tuu)

5. Pastikan anda pergi ke tandas terlebih dahulu. (yer..buang segala apa yg patut)

6. Timbang berat badan anda selepas memotong rambut. Berat anda mungkin akan berkurangan sehingga setengah kilo (biar betik! sape nk potong rambut pepagi buta?)

7. Hembus nafas sebelum menimbang.Berat udara boleh memberi kesan kepada berat badan sebenar anda. (erk!!!)

Satu lagi nak tambah, sebaiknya timbang pd masa yg sama. cthnya jam 6.30pg everyday @ everyweek jam yg sama..


Ok.. sebelum terlupa.. aullea pun ada beli 1 dvd utk aerobik.. yg nie aullea tgk kat blog sape ek.. oo..ika.. :) so minggu lepas aullea gi beli. start aerobik hujung mggu lepas. ada 3 level cardio:

Warm up - dgn Bob Harper.. fuh.. warming up pun dia kasi kaw-kaw punya..

Level 1 - Bob Harper (best workout dgn dia..)

Level 2 - Jillian (semput gak)

Level 3 - Kim (paling best... banyak kickboxing)

Cool down - Bob Harper

skrg aullea masih level 1.. tp kdg2 gatal buat level & 3.. mmg heartbeat laju gile...

Remember this:
Masa buat cardio, lagi laju heartbeat kita..lagi banyak fat dibakar!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Products of the day

Jalan-jalan kat cold storage. jumpa mcm2 produk.. every item aullea dok belek2 nutrition dia.. hehe. mmg spend masa jugak gamaknya... dapat gaji bulan ni bukan beli baju ke ape dok beli makanan diet...

Peanut butter...chocolate spread...mmg sedap marvelous sapu dgn roti.. tp kena pandai pilih yang low kcal. & fat-free F.y.i koko is makanan yg tinggi antioksida. more than green tea. tapi kena cari koko yg dark sikit.. lebih pure. sambil jalan-jalan tu rasa geram je nak capai Nutella yg diletak tempat paling tinggi..huhu. saje je letak tggi-tggi..
jalan-jalan lagi jumpa nie. wow... weight watcher.. dont play-play.. haha.. pelbagai jenis perisa jem yg low calorie..


nipis je 1 bar.. macam gula2 budak sekolah... ada 2 perisa.. strawberry & blueberry.. bagus untuk snack..
Jalan-jalan belek-belek je lebih... last-last aullea amik yg nie je dulu.. saje nak test kena ngan tekak ke tak....

1. Weight Watchers Biscuits - mmg low kcal
2. Slimming Nuts - bangga wujud gak produk camnie..
so xyah nak beli badam,gajus & lain2 nuts asing2.. all in 1. mmg sesuai sgt utk snack..
3. Rice Biscuits Cheese Flavor - grab yg nie sbb ianya dibakar & murah.. so healthy skit.
4. Nutella Choc.Spread - Produk dari Italy.mempunyai kandungan nutrien yang lengkap dan baik untuk diet sarapan seperti minyak sayuran,susu skim,fat-free cocoa,hazelnut (kacang yg hampir sama zat dgn badam),lactose dan soya. Walla..mmg delicious!
5. Marigold Skim Milk - of coz skim milk..kan on diet. 1st time beli nie. Fat free.
6. Whey & Soy Hi-Protein Drink - yg ni bukan beli kat cold storage tau tp beli hari yg sama. gain muscle & makes ur body firm larh.. hehe

Skim Milk

After my payday, aullea gi shopping makanan2 diet. Salah satu item dlm kepala ni nak grab susu skim. susahnya nak cari sbb xsemua supermarket supply susu skim. ada yg jenis tepung diimport. dan local company spt Marigold & Everyday pun dah buat susu skim supermarket & grab the milk!

Skim Milk(SM) adalah susu tanpa lemak yang dibuat dengan cara pengeringan atau spray dryer untuk menghilangkan sebahagian air dan lemak tetapi masih mengandung laktosa, protein, mineral, vitamin yang larut lemak, dan vitamin yang larut air (B12). Kandungan SM sama dengan kandungan yang terdapat dalam susu segar tetapi berbeza dalam kandungan lemaknya iaitu ±15%. SM digunakan untuk mencapai kandungan solid non fat pada produk dan sebagai sumber protein serta memperbaiki tekstur pada produk akhir.

Susu skim adalah bahagian susu yang tertinggal sesudah krim diambil sebahagian atau seluruhnya. Susu skim mengandung semua zat makanan dari susu kecuali lemak dan vitamin-vitamin yang larut dalam lemak. Susu skim dapat digunakan oleh orang yang menginginkan nilai kalori yang rendah dalam makanannya kareaa hanya mengandung 55% dari seluruh energi susu, dan skim juga dapat digunakan dalam pembuatan keju rendah lemak dan yogurt (Buckle, 1987).

Scale Yourself

I went to Fitness Concept the shop(not Fitness First the gym) on 18-05-2009 & scaled myself. i was 91.2kg
with total FAT = 46.9kg
with total free-fat(bone,water,muscle,tissue) = 44.3kg
and i need to lose 31.2kg more fat !!!!!
well i am losing, until today 28-05-2009 i lose 2kg more..

You Need This!


Almond or other nuts
Beans or other legumes (kacang hijau, kacang merah, soyabean)
Spinach atau sayur sayuran hijau
Dairy product (susu & yogurt)
Instant oatmeal (quaker oats)
Turkey atau daging bersih (tidak termasuk lemak)
Peanut butter
Olive oil (minyak zaitun)
Whole grain breads and cereals (such as roti jagung)
Extra whey protein powder (sejenis susu tepung utk penambahan protein dan pembentukan muscle)
Raspberries or other berries (blueberry, strawberry)
kacang kuda, kacang rebus, kacang hijau, kacang parang, kacang soya..ape2 je la yg namenye kacang janji kurang gula, minyak & garam..kacang yg paling bagus untuk diet ialah ALMOND (badam) & GAJUS..
yougurt rendah lemak.
Skim Milk - susu tanpa lemak.
epal hijau dan sebarang jenis epal.
jambu (kaya dgn vit utk kulit)
semua jenis ulam kegemaran org melayu (pegaga, putat, pudina dll)
madusoya (gula tanpa kalori)
soya isi (tau foo fa)
p/s : banyak khasiatnya.. later aullea tepek kat sini kalau sempat. oh ya,that's why aullea grab Slimming Nuts..mcm2 adaaaa.... hehe


aullea dah a few times on plateau. berat statik. tak berganjak.. bengang kan? moreover aullea weigh in every morning.. geram jer.. usually kalau berlaku plateau, aullea pegi mengantoikan diri or stop workout for a while. then berat tu akan menurun slowly for the next few days..

What to Do When You’ve Hit a Weight Loss Plateau
You’ve been dieting and exercising and successfully losing weight. Then, after a while, the scale stops showing any weight loss resulting in frustration. Does this sound familiar? You’ve likely hit a weight loss plateau that can mean one of several things.

1. You Need to Eat. Weight loss requires taking in fewer calories than you use in a day. Unfortunately, many people go to extremes and eat too few calories thinking this will speed up the process. It may work at first, but eventually you will stop losing – and may even gain weight again. Why? Because your body thinks it’s being starved and has entered “survival mode”. Your body needs a minimum amount of calories each day to function and to maintain the muscle mass you have. If you eat less than this (including not enough carbohydrates), and because carbohydrates cannot be stored in great quantities in your body, your body only has 2 options for survival: 1) use fat for fuel or 2) use protein (i.e. muscle) for fuel. Protein provides your body with 4 calories per gram, whereas fat provides 9 calories per gram. From a survival standpoint, your body can live more than twice as long if it holds onto the fat and uses protein for fuel. This is precisely what it does. The problem is that when you lose protein and muscle, your metabolism drops. This means you can’t eat as much as you used to and leads to the yo-yo effect. If you have really stepped up your exercise program, or perhaps just started one for the first time, you need to realize that your body will need more calories. You need to eat to lose weight, or your workouts will be in vain. ( Jom KANTOI )

2. You Need to Move! Face it; you cannot expect continued weight loss and long-term success in keeping it off if you don’t move. There are no excuses; no magic pills; no secret formula yet to be discovered that will dispute this. Besides, your metabolism slows with age, making it harder and harder to lose weight with diet alone. If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau and are not exercising, start moving!

3. You Need Muscle. Many people mistakenly believe that they should focus on cardio exercise in order to lose weight. While cardio is important, resistance training is critically important in helping your metabolism and increasing your muscle tone and definition. The only way to have a long-term impact on increasing your metabolism is to build muscle; you only do that through resistance training. If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau and are not doing any resistance training, it’s time to add it to your program. ( kan? dah berapa kali nak cakap.. build muscle. do some weight training. add some protein drink in your diet - hehe, dah dekat 2 bulan baru nak sedar...)

4. You Need to Shake Up Your Routine. Your body has a profound ability to adjust to the demands placed on it. When you first start a new form of exercise, it may be challenging. However, as you get stronger and your body adapts, it is no longer a challenge. Over time, your body becomes so efficient that this same exercise no longer has an effect on your weight. If you’ve hit a plateau, it’s time to add some variety into your routine. Try a new activity or increase the intensity level of your current workouts. Perhaps add an additional workout into your week, or simply change the order of your routine. The key is to constantly keep your body guessing so it is forced to adapt.

Gain muscle - Protein Drink will helps

Aullea start amik protein drink dalam minggu ni. kalau minum camtu je..mak ai... tak sedap nye lah. lepas tu aullea cuba amalkan 1 scoop + 200ml skim milk.. sejuk2..mmg sedap marveloussss...
Whey Protein adalah supplement calorie rendah hanya dengan kandungan protein (whey) dan mungkin 1-2g carbs/lemak. Protein supplement alone will not make you gain weight. sangat penting utk pembinaan muscle. Otot penting sbg mesin utk bakar lemak. Cardio saja x membantu dlm fat loss. so jgnla takut nak build muscle takut badan berketul2.. mitos je tu.. Refer ni--> wanita mempunyai hormon Astrogen yang banyak dan sedikit hormon testosteron. Walau serajin mana pun anda,sekuat mana pun,segigih mana pun anda ‘workout’di gym macam lelaki buat, anda tidak akan berotot otot besar seperti mereka!Anda tidak akan nampak seperti wanita yang tegap atau "tough’ macam lelaki..Kenapa?Sebabnya jumlah hormon testosteron yang sedikit dalam badan wanita tidak dapat membesarkan otot2 anda, yang cuma bertambah adalah kekuatan,flexibitili dan ketahan fizikal anda! Wanita yang mengikuti pertandingan bina badan berotot otot kerana mereka mengambil supplement dan menyuntik hormon testosteron ke badan mereka.

aullea minum ni 2x sehari.
1. selepas workout pagi
2. selepas workout petang
kalau tak sempat, aullea replace selepas lunch workout (briskwalk lunchtime ke alamanda. mmg penat jalan kaki dekat 1 jam non stop)
so lepas ni selain buat senaman cardio & aerobik..kena buat weight lifting jugak ye... nnt aullea bgtau lg dlm topik senaman lak..

Tak tau nak mula kat mana...

Great! aullea blur. byk sgt dlm kepala nie..

sbb dah 2 bulan update kat aullea ingat nk update jugak kat blog ni sikit2..

aullea start dgn semalam la ye..

update menu:

bfast : oat + french vanilla

snack : burger 1/2

lunch 12.30pm: ada jamuan. makan lauk ayam,sayur & telur bistik 1/4.

1.45pm : 200ml skim milk + whey protein

snack 3pm : burger 1/2skrg

snack kcg : campor2..10 bjik
dinner : 2 karipap
8.00pm : 100ml skim milk + whey protein

td aullea jumpa kacang nie...SLIMMING NUTS... sesuai utk snack..
come on, kacang pun boleh ingatkan kita utk slim... jom jom diet..
ingat tau kalau nak diet kena snack kekacang spt badam,gajus,kismis,kuaci.. pastu aullea penah nampak JULIE THE BIGGEST LOSER cakap dia snack kacang badam selalu.. & makan dlm 10 bijik sekali snack. aullea dulu2 kalau sepaket kacang gajus ke badam ke yg dlm paket kecik rm 2.50 tu sekejap je boleh abis.. tp sekarang kena kira kacang dulu kalau nak snack..hehe
ok, utk semalam punya workout pulak :
sepatutnya ikut jadual hari ni date ngan bob.. tp kemalasan melanda..
so aullea just buat cardio sendiri.. joging 20 min & buat tone bisep 5 sets.skrg fokus nk kecik kan lengan nie...
REMINDER : Jangan lupa terpacak depan tv, astro #702 setiap Selasa jap 9.00 malam utk join semangat The Biggest Loser Couples..

1st Goal has been reached!

1st Goal - 89.9kg
flashback - 25/5/2009 - pagi yang indah.. timbang... muncul angka 89.8kg!!!

seronok giler sbb dah masuk angka 8 on 25 Mei 2009 yang lepas..
dah bertahun kot x merasa angka ni...
actually tahun lepas la paling worst aullea dalam angka 100 lebih je... xsangka lak dalam sebulan leh masuk angka 9 dan masuk dah 2 bulan diet ni angka 8 lak muncul..

now i must workout smart nak jauhkan diri dari angka 100..
and i'm looking foward to no.7... chaiyok2... keep going girl..

2nd Goal - 79.9kg

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tips to Lose Weight

Weight loss is probably the most popular fitness topic for most. Why? haha coz most people are struggling to stop or reverse their gradual weight gain. Following are some more tips for you.

1.Jangan skip meals.Ramai ingat bahawa anda perlu skip meals seperti elakkan sarapan pagi dan melaparkan diri untuk kurang berat badan. Ini salah. Dengan cara ini anda hanya berjaya menurunkan metabolisma badan. Panduan Terbaik?Makan 5-7 hidangan sederhana sehari dan kurang makan/minum 2-3 jam sebelum tidur.

2. Kawal nafsu makan….once nafsu is there memang susah untuk membuat pilihan makanan yang baik. Again di sinilah anda perlu makan 5-7 kali sehari untuk mengawal nafsu makan anda.

3. Tingkatkan tahap keaktifan anda…tak semestinya dengan jogging atau bersenam di gym. Yang penting anda tingkatkan aktiviti physical untuk bakar lebih calorie, seperti Park kereta anda lebih jauh daripada destinasi anda.Jangan guna lif…use the stairs .Bersihkan rumah anda.

4. Ketahui keperluan kalori anda. Ini penting dan jika anda rajin, bandingkan keperluan kalorie dengan pemakanan kalorie seharian anda.

5. Eliminate makanan yang 1. tidak elok dan 2. tidak perlu. Kekadang kita ambil makan/minuman yang actually kita tak perlukan sangat pun….just because its there, doesn’t mean we have to eat or drink them

6. Diet pills? Yes they work tetapi tidak jika anda tidak gabungkan penggunaannya dengan makanan yang terkawal…..

7. Tak pandai kawal nafsu makan? Belilah protein shakes dan makannya di antara hidangan due kali sehari..1. antara sarapan dan lunch…2. antara lunch dan makan malam

8. Knowledge. Trust me, without proper understanding of how weight gain or weight loss happens, you can’t take control! Yes its all about taking control of your health, fitness and weight. How are you supposed to take control of your health, job or even life if you dont have the proper know-how. Its not as difficult as you think it is but do learn. Don’t just blindly follow people what others or the government tells you to do.

9. Realistic Goal Setting. Weight gain is typically a slow process. People may gain 10kg over 10 years. Problem is that most people wanna then lose all that weight in 10 weeks. Thats just not realistic. Especially you are not equipped with the know-how to lose the weight. My advice? Start with a realistic goal. Maybe aim for 1kg in a month and based on that success, set new goals. Dont think about 10 weeks or 10 months. Think about a lifetime.

10.Need Exercise?. Yes or no? haha. If you had the proper know-how, this is an easy one. Yes you can lose weight without ever doing a single exercise. Weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit. Sure its easier with exercise but with a decent diet, you can lose weight without exercising.

11.Cardio or weight training? If you do wanna lose weight by combining exercise into your plans, both cardio and weight training are important. Cardio helps you burn extra calories while weight training ensure that you dont end of kurus kering ;)

12.Which is the best diet? I blogged about this recently - “What is the Best Diet”. You can choose any diet you like! My advice is that you 1. Choose a diet that you can sustain over a lifetime and 2. that you know why you have chosen a particular diet.

13.Malaysian diet sesuai? Yeah no problem. I personally maintain a very Malaysian diet. Its not the fault of the mamaks or the Malaysian foods. Its the fault of the choice we make. You dont have to choose nasi lemak every time you hit the mamak. Its about choices and striking a balance between good and bad choices. But again, you got to have the know-how to distinguish between good and bad choices.

14.Do supplements help? Yup they do but the keyword here is HELP. They dont work wonders. Dont be fooled by the before/after pictures. Understand that every supplement serves a purpose. Understand the ingredients and how you can incorporate these into your lifestyle. Remember - its nutrition and exercise first. Supplements come 3rd. Every supplement manufacturer will tell you the same (if you read the fine print)

15.Is there a secret to weight loss? Nope. Sorry to disappoint but there is no secret or shortcut to weight loss. Its all about the basics and taking control. Sure you can enroll in personal training sessions or slimming products but end of the day, educate yourself and look for long term solutions.

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