Saturday, May 30, 2009

Listen To Your Body - POLAR Watch

POLAR WATCH - Bg aullea this is not Product of the day. tapi product of the year..! mmg best giler. Produk dari US yang boleh monitor heart rate,calories burned, aerobic/fitness test,speed & distance,strength training guidance,own zone ect. wow.. skrg makin canggih gadjet utk fitness. brand Polar ni yg mmg popular di US. mmg x ramai lg yg tahu wujudnya jam yg canggih camnie.. mmg menarik sangat. 10x ganda best dari pedometer tau... aullea tgk sendiri kat Athlete's Circle,PJ. Tapi x semua model ada..very limited. kalau nak kena order..
"Maximize your workout with a Polar training computer"
Review sikit yer..

Full Features
For disappearing calories
For you who want to get a fitter body by knowing how many calories you have burned. The small and simple F4 gives you accurate information and motivates you to reach your targets.
See how many calories you have burned
Get interference-free data with coded heart rate transmission
Helps you keep the intensity you want

Available designs
Red berry


Full Features

Basic features
Automatic age-based target zone (% / bpm) - %/bpm
Backlight - w/o backlight in the North and South America
Graphical target zone indicator
Heart rate (displayed as % of maximum heart rate)
Heart rate (displayed as bpm)
HeartTouch™, button-free operation of wrist unit
Manual target zone (% / bpm) - %/bpm
Visual and audible alarm in target zones
Water resistant - 50m

Computer connectivity
Edit wrist unit settings with Polar UpLink Tool and transfer them to your Polar product (UpLink)

Cycling features
Bike mount - opt.

Data transfer
UpLink (PC with a sound card and headphones/dynamic loudspeakers required)

Language features
Display text in English

Polar exercise features
Average heart rate of total exercise
Exercise Date
Fitness Bullets (á 10 minutes in target zone)
HR-based target zones with audible alarm
HR-based target zones with visual alarm
Polar OwnCal®
Polar OwnCode® (5kHz) - non-coded in the North and South America
Wireless ECG accurate heart rate

Recording features
Average heart rate
Calorie expenditure -
Exercise Time (total) - total
Maximum heart rate
Number of exercise files (with summaries) - 1
Target zone limits
Time in target zone

Transmitter belt
Polar T31 coded™ transmitter - incl. in product set in other countries
Polar T31 transmitter - incl. in product set in the North and South America
Polar WearLink® 31 coded transmitter (changeable battery) - compatible

Watch features
Date and weekday indicator
Low battery indicator
Time of day (12/24h) with alarm

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Yanmie said...

canggih betullah sekarang nie. best gak klu dpt beli satu mesti regenya mahal..

aullea beli dulu, pastu pakai sampai boring. manalah tau pastu nk bg Yan pinjam..hehehe..*gurau2*