Saturday, June 20, 2009

Semangat, I found you back..

Hari ni i lose 200g after 2 days static. walaupun kecik tapi turun jugak. Thank God.
tapi 100g lagi nak capai my mini-mini goal.. yes, i hv 1st Goal(the major one), 2nd Goal(every 10kg), Mini Goal(every 5kg) and mini-mini Goal(1kg). haha..

So plan for today like usual, evening workout.. hopefully cuaca mengizinkan utk beriadah kat luar.. yesterday was suck. i forced myself to do a cardio but last for only 10mins.. takde maknanya.. down sgt2 yesterday, even i cried when i thinking of it so much.. i am doing workout non stop for the last 2 weeks wlaupun berat up and down @ that figure..but i keep going & keep myself from giving up.

Last week mmg dugaan hebat. but its over oredi. skrg looking foward for a new week. semangat dah recover. i am planning for my meal & workout for the whole week pulak. hopefully boleh achieve my mini-mini goal, start TODAY. dont wait for tomorrow. :)

while blogging pun boleh berusaha..dont wait with your sport shoes or with your treadmill.. go grab the bottle.. and DRINK as much as u can! its part of it. usaha usaha..!

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RiNi said...

hai lea.. it's good that you found your semangat back.. hehe.. gud luck.. kalau turun 200g walaupon kecik tapi besar ertinya.. kalau naik 200g, walaupon try to ignore tapi hakikatnyer naik jugak.. huhu..