Friday, June 19, 2009

Feeling Down :(

I am feeling down lately & need motivation. Jawapan kat bawah ni as if diaorang tuju kat aullea.. ntah kat mana la aullea terjumpa. sekadar ayat memberi semangat balik..
yg paling penting tu JANGAN HILANG FOKUS.
pedulikan yg lain-lain..yg penting buat workout dgn konsisten...

"The most important is that you do not give up. You are coming to the right place!",kata Jillian kat aullea.

Kim menambah pulak dengan penuh semangat, "YOU GOT IT! Please don't give up. You can do this. We can do this with each other's support".

Tiba-tiba suara lelaki yg amat dikenali bersuara,lembut je dia berkata-kata... mau cair dibuatnya..

"I also know that sometimes when we diet we don't keep enough good sugars (from fruits) in us to keep us up and going...or have to learn to balance and listen to your body. You might be in a funk do to sleeping issues. Or stress. Find ways to deal with it without losing focus.

Grab on to my hand and I will help you find your way!!!"

Bob Harper!! Terus jer aullea grab his hand sambil tersenyum & bersemangat balik..

haha.. macam buat cerpen pulak.. terlebih imaginasi.. ni ler padahnye feeling down memanjang.huhu..

Ini plan recovery aullea :

Stick to my eating plan (6-7 times daily)

Walk every day at least 30 minutes

Water, Water, Water - Target 4 liter this week..

Take my FISH OIL supplements 2x daily

Journal my food & counting every single CALORIES

Stop making excuses!

Sleep over min 6-7 hours

Morning workout atleast 20min or else cover with eve workout 30min

Avoid white RICE & white bread

Last but not least, NO PASAR MALAM for this week.


RiNi said...

yeah.. saya sokong lea dari belakang.. jgn putus asa.. chaiyok2 lea.. =) kita sama2 diet.. ok..?

aullea said...

tQ missP..

jom sama2 diet..teruskan perjuangan kita nie.. :)